We monitor our guards 24/7 with state of the art monitoring systems, by using electronic monitoring systems we increase supervision of our guards. We know exactly where any of our guards are, and what they are doing, 24/7!


Should there be any query as to where the guard was, it can be proven where he was at any time and what he was doing by means of a printout

Security officers can lie about times they start their patrols, or where they patrolled to, even supervisors can fake reports, this system cannot be lied to. We can prove they did, or did not do their job.

Electronic supervision is the most reliable cost effective solution to guarding world wide!

We pay our guards more than other company’s.

By paying more we achieve a wide variety of good results ie:

  • It attracts a better quality type of guard. Due to the fact that everybody now wants to work for us, we are able to choose the best guards, and thus deliver a better service.
  • As our personnel are getting a better salary, it keeps them motivated.
  • Should we get a long term contract, we like to get people from the community, and train and register them. Once this is complete, we employ them at the relevant site.

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    Guard requirement’s

    All our personnel are required to comply with the following legislation:

  • Criminal record check
  • SARS compliant
  • Workmans Compensation
  • Guarding Experience


    As can be seen below we have a wide variety of experience in the security environment. Some examples of our experience over the past seven years are as follows:

  • Mkhondo Municipality

    We arrived at Mkhondo municipality, Piet Retief, four years ago to do VIP protection, and ended up doing the guarding of the municipality and all their interests. This gave us an annual turnover of R3 600 000. We ran this operation for three years.
  • NTE chemical factory Iswepe

    We were involved in the access controll and preventing theft at a factory in Iswepe
  • Boxer Shopping mall

    We provided shopping mall security to a shopping center in Vereeniging. Our security officers were placed both outside the mall and inside the shops to ensure a comprehensive secure shopping environment.
  • Advance Projects

    We guarded millions of rands worth of machinery when a company called Advance Projects were building a section of highway and an Ultra City type of fuel stop on the outskirts of Pretoria. Advance has on several occasions called us in when they had problems with other security company’s, and needed a reliable company on short notice.
  • RAU Residence

    The owners of a residence at RAU University chose us to do the access control at one of the residences.
  • Siswe Constuction

    Siswe construction called on us to protect their materials and equipment during the construction of a townhouse complex in Johannesburg
  • MDV Developments

    MDV Development also called on us to protect their materials and equipment during the construction of a townhouse complex in Pretoria. On completion of this they required us to secure a further construction project that they were involved in
  • Municipality pension fund

    The municipality pension fund hired 30 guards from us to ensure that a governmental special event happened without problems
  • Roadcrete Roadworks

    Roadcrete Roadworks hired us to protect their material and equipment during the building of a section of the N2 highway close to Piet Retief
  • Executive Road Freight

    Securing a depot at a prominent Transportation Company
  • Eskay Crushers

    Access control and patrols in and around a crusher plant.
  • Piet Retief Sawmills

    We also secure a sawmill at a site in Piet Retief.
  • Sabi Construction

    We have supplied security officers to this company on various occasions.
  • Phindana Ansec 171

    This being a bulk earthmoving company hired us to secure their machinery in a high risk area. Together with the SAPS we managed to protect them and their machinery from illegal miners.

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    We make use of the latest thermal imaging to enhance our crime prevention efforts

    1st Thermal imaging smartphone

    The first of its kind, the Cat® S60 gives you live thermal imaging expertise direct from your smartphone. Utilising MSX Technology exclusive to FLIR, this rugged smartphone captures shareable clear thermal imagery, video and even time lapse footage. Multiple spot meters allow you to retroactively pinpoint a temperature in your image while the thermal imagery technology is capable of penetrating even obscurants like smoke.


    We provide a personalised confidential VIP protection service to anybody that requires personal protection for whatever reason they may have.

    We have access to a variety of Protection Officers with various types of training and experience. As a result we will make an assessment of the situation and its location, and select a person that is perfectly suited for that particular task. Only after the approval of the person by the client we will commence with the briefing and equipping of the of the protection officer. On completion of the preparations, the Protection officer will be deployed with his Principle.


    We supply and install a wide variety of electronic equipment such as:

  • CCTV
  • Access control
  • Perimeter protection
  • Gate automation
  • Boom gates
  • Intercoms

  • We work closely with Security & Communication warehouse to provide the best professional advice and the best quality electronic products on the market.


    We use a well established kennel to supply us with the dogs to provide a professional canine support service.

    The Kennel has over 85 dogs to select the correct dog for the specific job.

    Should it be a long term deployment we supply an approved kennel on site with food and vetenary requirements included.